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Information about Glee Season 4, Episode 18: "Shooting Star" is being kept tightly under wraps, but that doesn’t mean spoilers are nonexistent.

The upcoming April 11 episode will feature an “unthinkable event,” thought by many to be a gunshot at McKinley High. We’ve been searching down any information we can get. Here’s what we’ve been able to uncover so far.

- Synopsis of Glee Season 4, Episode 18: “Shooting Star” 

A basic summary of what to expect.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Glee Promo, "Shooting Star" — Season 4, Episode 18 — "Hello Gorgeous!"

Glee Promo: In-Depth Analysis of Season 4, Episodes 18 and 19

We’re breaking down the combined promo for both episodes, searching for clues about what will happen next.


Credit: Adam Rose/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Glee Spoilers: “Unthinkable Event” Rocks Episode 18 — Plus No Rachel!

All of the action will be in Ohio this week. That means no Rachel, Kurt or Santana whatsoever.


Glee May Feature School Shooting in Upcoming Episode — Too Soon?

Nothing’s been confirmed so far, but it’s certainly looking like this might be the case.

- Ryan Murphy: Glee’s “Shooting Star” Is "Most Powerful Emotional Ever"
Um, welp

Glee Speculation: Does Ryder Get Shot in Episode 18: “Shooting Star”?

We don’t have solid proof, but here’s the evidence we’ve seen so far!