Rachel (Lea Michele) just might be headed for Broadway! The college freshman has her first big audition during April 18’s Glee Season 4, Episode 19: “Sweet Dreams.” On top of that, her ex-fiance, Finn (Cory Monteith), is headed off to college... but he isn’t headed anywhere near Rachel in NYC. 

We’ve been searching high and low, on the lookout for all the spoilers we can find. Here’s what we’ve been able to uncover so far.

- Synopsis of Glee Season 4, Episode 19: “Sweet Dreams” 

Your basic summary of what to expect.

- Glee Promo: In-Depth Analysis of Season 4, Episodes 18 and 19 

We’re breaking down the promo — second by second, frame by frame in search of clues.


Rachel’s Broadway Audition

- Lea Michele’s First Look: Rachel Prepares For Big Broadway Audition! 

Rachel’s going out for the starring role in Funny Girl, and Lea Michele tweeted two photos of Rachel doing her best Barbra Streisand impression.

- Lea Michele on Rachel's Funny Girl Audition Song: It’s Very Familiar! 

What do you think? Is this the perfect choice?

- Glee Season 4: Rachel’s [Spoiler] Confirmed to Return! 

Rachel’s “Mama who bore me”... to quote another Broadway musical.


- Glee Music Spoiler: Rachel and Shelby to Sing Mom-Daughter Duet 

Mother and daughter are even singing a duet.


Glee Season 4: First Look at Lea Michele and Idina Menzel’s Duet! 

We don’t know the song yet, but we do have a first look at the two lovely ladies behind the scenes of their performance.

Idina Menzel on Her Lea Michele Duet: “We Sound Like...” 

We can’t wait to hear it!

No Finchel Reunion Yet, But Glee’s New [Spoiler] Could Stick Around! 

We certainly hope that this means good things for her career!


Finn at College

- Glee Music Spoiler! Who’s Doing The Harlem Shake... and Where? 

Finn is off to college. He’s headed to the University of Lima.

- Glee Spoiler: College Dorm Scene! Girls in Bras and Shirtless Guys 

And it looks like things are about to get a little crazy, too.

- Glee Music Spoiler: Finn and Puck Perform The Beastie Boys 

Does this mean Puck is going to the University of Lima, too? We can only hope!