Credit: Credit: Adam Rose/Mike Yarish/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Have you heard the horrifying news? One of our favorite Gleeks is leaving Fox's award-winning musical nerd fest, and our hearts officially won't go on. No word yet as to which of Glee's songstresses is peacing out, but the pool has officially been narrowed down to the members of New Directions.

E! News shared this photo from the season finale (Regionals are upon us!), along with the startling fact that one of the kids pictured won't be returning to Glee as a season regular! Sigh, looks like the time has come to speculate.

As of now Brittany (Heather Morris) seems to be the most likely candidate. Not only is Heather Morris pregnant in real life, Brittany's probably getting into MIT — which most definitely isn't in New York or Ohio...

Of course, Joe (Samuel Larsen) is also an obvious choice since he's barely featured on the show (fingers crossed, because if Brittany leaves we might lose it!), and then there's Artie (Kevin McHale). This lovable Gleek is going to film school, and while it's possible that he'll get into NYU, it's also possible that he could be shipped off to parts unknown. Sob.

Who do you think is leaving Glee? Hit the comments with your theories!

Source: E! News