Credit: Adam Rose/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Coach Beiste and Sue in Episode 2.1, "Audition"

Why are Sue (Jane Lynch) and Coach Beiste swimming in the same (dating) pool? Last month, we had an exclusive interview with Dot-Marie Jones in which she revealed her romantic Episode 7 plotline: She's going to be dating a football recruiter from Outer Space Ohio State. He'll be played by Franklin & Bash alum Eric Bruskotter.

The name "Bruskotter" may make Sue hungry for biscotti, perhaps, because  TV Line reports that she reaches out for a piece! (And it is further confirmed by the new preview for the November 29 ep.) Complication!

We know Coach Beiste sings in this episode, but will it be enough to get the man?


Source: TV Line

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Glee Preview for Season 3, Episode 7: "I Kissed A Girl" [VIDEO]