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While we can’t know for sure what the future holds for Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) once Glee’s returns with all-new episodes in April – Yale? Cheerios? Maybe not! – at least we do know that she’ll live!

However, those recent on-set pics of Quinn and Artie (Kevin McHale) in matching wheelchairs have a few folks throwin’ around new ‘ship rumors… Sooo, will Quinn and Artie be finding love in Q’s times o’ struggle?


E! Online put the rumors to rest with scoop that any signs of “Quartie” in the near future are premature, and the two “will only find a friendship with each other. But it’ll be a special one.”

We’re pretty sure we can live with that. (Quinn’s ALIVE, guys, be thankful!!)

Will the “special” bond arise as Artie teaches Quinn the ropes with her new ride? Or will it go deeper than that, as Quinn comes to terms with her – possible – new disability?

So many questions and way too much time to ponder the answers, right? Guess they call ‘em “cliffhangers” for a reason…

Source: E! Online

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