There are mild SPOILERS ahead. Don't read on if you don't want to know!

Things are about to get a little dicey for one of our favorite Glee stars. Just how dicey? Try "life and death!"

At least that's what EW's spoilerrific scoopster Michael Ausiello reports. Ausiello says that one of the Glee characters will find themselves in a "literal" life and death situation in the third episode. Huh. Well, here's guessing it turns out just fine. Or at least we hope so!

Meanwhile, Ausiello also has an update on the appearance (or lack thereof) of Rachel Berry's two dads. Says creator Ryan Murphy: "[P]eople always ask me to do that… I don’t know that we ever will." Oh, you tease! For her part, Lea has a great idea. "[Lea suggested that] we see them in season 3, like a shot of Elton John cheering her on in an audience," Murphy said. "I haven’t decided how I’m going to do that." Just do it!