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There’s already been plenty of talk about relationship trouble ahead for Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine  (Darren Criss) in Tuesday’s Season 3, Episode 17: “Dance With Somebody,” and we’re just dying to learn what it’s about.

You see, up until now — Klaine has seemed to have one of the most stable and drama-free relationships on Glee. So what could possibly be driving a wedge between the two dudes that are possibly McKinley’s most perfect couple?

A big ‘old case of jealousy, unfortunately.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Kurt meets a very “flirty” guy named Chandler at a music store. (Remember him? That masculine hottie Glee was casting a while back? Sounds like he may be causing a bit of trouble, after all!)

TV Line adds that Chandler is quite taken with a particular hippo-head brooch of Kurt’s, and he even sends Kurt a couple of text message compliments about it.

Uh, Kurt: How did Chandler end up getting your phone number, anyway? We’d say Blaine’s reasons for singing that angsty “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” are starting to become a bit more clear!

What do you think, Glee fans? Is this the end of Klaine... or will the cute duo get over their little lovers spat in no time?

Source: Entertainment Weekly, TV Line

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