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Ever since photos leaked last week of the Glee cast in some familiar-yet-bizarre get-ups on-set, we’ve been anxious for any news of about this “body-swapping” ep, heading our way on May 15!

At the premiere of his film Struck By Lightning, Glee star Chris Colfer (Kurt) dished to TVLine about taking on a new role – without mentioning exactly who he would be portraying…

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“I really thought I had the hardest one because they were really hard to nail – they’re not over the top by any means,” Chris told them. “But it was also nerve wracking because I didn’t want to disrespect anybody!”

So, who is Chris talking about?

All signs point to none other than his step-bro, Finn HudsonCory Monteith was photographed last week in classic Kurt garb, and who else could Chris really be describing with all that talk about not being over the top? (“Over the top” is pretty much the perfect descriptor for most everyone else on this show.) 

Credit: Juan Sharma/Rachid Ait/

If each Glee character is simply switching bodies with just one other person, then we already know the identities of two other swaps. Based on the photos, that would mean Blaine (Darren Criss) will be sporting a very Puck (Mark Salling)-like mohawk in the near future, while Rachel (Lea Michele) is about to channel her inner Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz).

That still leaves plenty of characters whose alternate identities still have yet to be revealed. Hit the comments below and let us know your dream body swap pairs!

Source: TVLine

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