Glee creator Ryan Murphy recently welcomed his first child a son, Logan, born on Christmas Eve so you’ll have to understand that we have babies on the brain right now.

Cut to this picture, which Glee newcomer Becca Tobin (Kitty) tweeted on December 27. The petite blondie is seen walking in the desert, wearing a fuzzy white robe and pushing a baby stroller. We definitely just did a double-take. Is it possible that Becca has a kid of her own, and we’re just now hearing about it?

Not so fast. Yes, Becca is using that stroller to carry someone very near and dear to her heart. But it’s not a baby, it’s her tiny white puppy, Sophie!

Sophie recently underwent surgery to remove a small tumor on her leg, and the tiny dog’s leg is currently in a cast. Seeing as she’s the totally opposite of her evil Glee character, sweet Becca’s been using a stroller to help cart her around from place to place.

Mom and pup even posed for a cute photo together in the desert, but Becca was quick to acknowledge that the entire scene does look a little silly. “Family vacation. I may have lost my mind,” she tweeted.

Oh, Becca, you haven’t lost your mind. You’re just being an attentive caretaker. There’s nothing wrong with that.

In cases like this, we’ll allow fashion to take a backseat. (For now...)

Source: JustJaredJr, Becca Tobin on Twitter