The United States Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in the Proposition 8 case — which could potentially give gay couples nationwide the right to marry — and the stars of Glee have taken to Twitter to voice their support.

On March 26, the Human Rights Campaign turned their usually blue and gold logo bright red in order to promote marriage equality. Red boxes with pink equals signs swept Twitter, Facebook, and all sorts of forms of social media.

Alex Newell (Unique) changed his profile picture to the now-familiar red logo, and he tweeted throughout the day about the landmark case.


The Glee star also retweeted multiple posts on the topic, including one fan who said, “telling a person they can't get married is like telling a person they can't love and that's bullshit.

Kevin McHale (Artie) tweeted, “#marriageequality #equality #supremecourt,” along with an Instagram photo of the Human Rights Campaign logo.

The same day, Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted:

Source: Twitter, MSNBC