Just like the rest of us, our fave Glee clubbers can't resist sending out blasts from their iPhones and CrackBerries. Sometime between filming and being famous, the cast manages to squeeze in primo Twitter time.



MsAmberPRiley: thank you Melissa Masse for that beautiful gown and to Chopard for the amazing jewels! I felt like a queen at the Emmys! (See photo at left) Uh... if you’re looking for anyone to take those off your hands, we’re available.



druidDUDE (Kevin McHale): This just happened. I have a really bad sugar problem. Are there meetings 4 that? I wouldn't go, but just curious. (See photo at right) There are. We’re regular attendees.



msleamichele: Check out Rachel's new necklace for season 2! (See photo at left) SO cute! Wait... spoiler alert!




frankenteen (Cory Monteith): @msleamichele had a fantastic 3rd birthday; I was there. (See photo at right) For Lea’s sake, we hope that cake was vegan!