Just like the rest of us, our fave Glee clubbers can't resist sending out blasts from their iPhones and CrackBerries. Sometime between filming and being famous, the cast manages to squeeze in primo Twitter time.

Credit: yfrog Photo: Harry Shum Stuck in the Stars

chordoverstreet @iharryshum chasing his stars!!!! Wow he's so freaking fast!! http://yfrog.com/h083tnyj… Faster than the speed of light!

Credit: Twitpic Photo: Warbler Love

LukeEdgemon @EleanorOrchard how about one of these?! http://yfrog.com/h3ad2fjj http://yfrog.com/h4r0zwcj… Are you boys preparing for tonight’s episode?

jonhall28 (Warbler Jon Hall): This is the hottest warbler. Matt Hall!!!! #fatbooth http://twitpic.com/42mtl5… That’s hot.

Ashley_Fink Awh! I can't believe this! Look how much my boo has grown! Woah.. Full on, hardcore handsome. http://yfrog.com/hs99205256j... Everything from the fashion to the haircut, Kurt has certainly grown up!

Credit: Yfrog Photo: Kurt throughout the years