Credit: Carin Baer/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Finn and Puck Work at the Glee Club Bake Sale in Season 1, Episode 9: "Wheels"

The Glee Valentine's Day episode is more anticipated than even the Super Bowl edition, which is another way of saying it's gonna be chock-full o' romantic entanglements — new and old. What can we expect for two of McKinley's hottest eligible bachelors?

According to Michael Ausiello, the V-Day episode will feature a flashback scene of what happened when Puck and Lauren shared their "infamous seven minutes in heaven." Apparently, yes, it definitely rocked Puck's world.

Meanwhile, don't expect Finn and Rachel to get back together; Ausiello reports that the jock has his eyes on someone else entirely. Could it be Quinn, whom he's rumored to kiss in the eppy?

Source: TVLine