Okay, here’s what we know: Glee is planning a “big wedding” during it’s Season 4, Episode 14 Valentine’s Day show, “I Do.” Producers have teased that the episode will be full of surprises, and that it’s going to “shock the heck” out of us.

Yesterday, we saw the first photos of Emma (Jayma Mays) all dressed up as the perfect blushing bride.  So the mystery wedding must be between her and Will (Matthew Morrison), right?

Not so fast. Those same photos show Emma making a mad dash away from the chapel. It looks like she just might be a runaway bride!

To complicate things even further, producer Brad Falchuk has now tweeted a photo of Sue (Jane Lynch) — also dressed in a wedding gown. What’s more, it appears to be the exact same gown that Emma’s wearing!

Credit: Twitter

So what gives? Unless Emma and Sue decided to have a double wedding, with identical wedding dresses to boot, we’d say it’s entirely possible that one of these weddings is part of some sort of a dream sequence.

What do you think? Does one of the weddings exist only in someone’s mind — or is there something else going on here entirely? Head to the comments with your predictions and ideas!

Source: Brad Falchuk on Twitter