Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.; Robert Zuckerman/FX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Glee vs. American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy had plenty to celebrate this morning with news that both of his current TV projects — Glee and American Horror Story — are up for top honors at next year’s Golden Globe Awards... and the volume of congratulatory messages on his cell this a.m. reflected it!

Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter that after waking up to “an explosion” of messages earlier today, he now plans to celebrate with his cast and crews on both shows, and that each nomination holds its own, special significance.

“I’m always thrilled about Glee,” he told them. “But I think the American Horror Story one feels particularly sweet.”

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Dylan McDermott, Jessica Lange, and Ryan Murphy at the American Horror Story Premiere in Los Angeles on October 3, 2011

Both noms are also pretty telling of Murphy’s talent, we’d argue ― AHS scored a nod in its very first season (and after just 12 episodes), and Glee is now on its third (yes, that’s one for every season!).

We’d like think we had something to do with the success of his new Horror-ific FX series, seeing as we gave Gleeks worldwide a number of reasons to check it out. (If you haven’t yet, you’re so missing out!)

And for all of you AHS buffs DYING (see what we did there? too soon?) in anticipation of next Wednesday’s season finale, Murphy’s staying mum. “I don’t want to say anything until the finale airs,” he told HR when prodded, “because all of those questions will be answered in the finale.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter