We have lots of questions about the battle last night between Blaine (Darren Criss) as Mariah Carey and Sue as Nicki — for example, “WHYYYYY?” — but let’s stick to the easy one: Who did it best: Glee or Nicki?

Credit: You Tube

You’d think at this point that nothing on Glee would surprise us. However, if you had told us a few weeks ago that we’d soon find ourselves at home watching Glee’s Jane Lynch (Sue) flawlessly rapping along to Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass,” we’d have told you to get your psych meds adjusted. And yet, it happened.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch "I Still Believe" / "Super Bass" in Glee Episode 16: "Feud"

While we have to give Jane Lynch major props for her effort, we still prefer Nicki the Ninja. With all due respect to Coach Sylvester, Nicki’s dance moves are not just better — they’re in another league. In fact, we couldn’t help recalling all the times Sue compared Finn’s stiff dancing to Frankenstein’s. Hello, pot — please allow us to introduce you to this here kettle.

That’s not to say we hated Sue’s version. We’re super impressed with Jane for delivering the goods on a super difficult rap and doing a pretty great impression of Nicki. And not just musically. Her interpretation of Nicki’s American Idol rants at co-judge Mariah Carey were on the nose!

Who do YOU think did it better? Nicki or Jane?