With Glee on hiatus until April 10, all the top-read stories for the week have been spoilers, spoilers, spoilers! Will Quinn survive her car wreck? What will happen in the first new episode back? What songs will everyone sing? Read on to find out.

- Glee Spoiler: Does Quinn Die on Glee? Here's Some Photographic Evidence...

We’ve got proof if she’s alive or dead, but be warned. There’s an unexpected twist.

- Glee Spoiler: Does Quinn Die in the Season 3 Car Crash?

If photographic evidence isn’t enough, see what other proof we found, as well.

- Damian McGinty on Quinn’s Car Accident, Rory’s Future, and What’s Next for Samuel Larsen’s Joe — Exclusive!

Damian teases what to expect in the rest of Season 3.

- Glee Song Spoilers: Music From Season 3, Episode 15: “Big Brother” — Leaked!

The full list of songs for Glee’s first episode back after the hiatus. Plus, find out who is singing what.

-  Glee Spoiler Roundup: Everything We Know About Season 3, Episode 15: “Big Brother”
A handy little guide to everything we’ve learned about the episode so far.

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