Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Photo: Bruno Mars Smiles for the Audience During a NYC Performance
It turns out the cast members of Glee aren't the only people who do amazing covers of the songs we love. Each week, we'll choose our two favorite YouTube covers of a song performed on Glee, and let you decide which of the two is best. You'll be doing your part to make someone a star... while simultaneously crushing the other person's dreams! (You should be ashamed. How do you sleep at night?) Now it’s time for you to rock the vote.
From “Furt”: Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”

First up is this video with high production value from ArthurGarrosMusic. He’s certainly got an engaging voice and an adorable mop-top. Plus, the video features random close-ups of his tapping foot, his eyes, and — oddly — the flowers outside his window. Yet somehow, it works!

For the female perspective, here’s Cezkaaa. She lends her lovely voice to this song, accompanied by acoustic guitar. And we’re not sure what this “dancing juice” is that everyone’s talking about, but we want some!