Credit: Illustration by Wetpaint (Original Source: FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.) Photo: Kurt vs. Brittany in Season 3 Senior-Class President Election

At the start of Season 3, Episode 2 of Glee, we thought Brittany’s “You Are Unicorn” speech to Kurt was pretty typical Brittany-slash-very out there. But color us surprised when we found ourselves cheering for her by episode’s end after her “I Am Unicorn, Too!” revelation that lead to her bid for senior-class president.

It may be crazy to think but Brittany may actually give Kurt a run for his money, despite his fabulousness and that whole overcoming adversity back story. In her favor, Brittany’s got a utopian idealism that could appeal to an always-at-odds McKinley High student body, a killer sense of style,  and — hello! — unicorn magic!

But with Kurt losing the school musical lead to his junior boyfriend Blaine, we can’t bear to think of him missing out on another opportunity to do what he was born to do — shine — especially after the bullying shenanigans of yesteryear.  

Knowing what you know about the two super lovable characters, who would YOU vote for in the race for class prez?

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