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Do plus-sized women seek out friendships with gay men in order to compensate for a lack of intimacy with straight men? An article by Huffington Post challenges that stereotype, using Glee’s Ashley Fink (Lauren Zizes) and her best friend Chris Colfer (Kurt) as an example.

Ashley says that plus-sized women are sometimes assumed to be asexual, but that this couldn’t be further from the truth. "Half the conversations I have with my gay friends are about hot boys," she says. And we have to admit, we wish we could be there when Ashley and Chris are chatting about their crushes!

"Large women and gay men are so misconstrued and see society in a skewed way,” Ashley continues. “To me, it's about being strong enough to be who you are and put up with the consequences of who you are."

Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images for CIROC Vodka

Ashley says she hasn’t sought out friendships with gay men, but that all people are looking for others who are “our kind of crazy.” As for herself and Chris Colfer, she says the two of them were just “pulled toward one another.”

One thing that Ashley likes about her friendships with gay guys is that things aren’t complicated by ulterior motives. "There is something about being 100-percent yourself without the worry of the sexual attraction," she says.

Then again, who could be around Chris Colfer and not be attracted to him? Sounds like an impossible mission to us!

Source: Huffington Post

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