Credit: via Photo: "Born This Way" T-Shirts for Sale

Is it any surprise that someone has found a way to capitalize on those hilariously self-deprecating t-shirts the Glee characters wore in “Born This Way”? That said, if we can’t wear, say, a replica of Lady Gaga’s meat dress, then sporting a shirt inspired by her anthem will have to do. (Plus, the tees presumably have a longer shelf life.)

We couldn’t help but wonder which boldface, all-caps “flaw” best represents us. Okay, okay, who are we kidding — we probably should have bought a shirt years ago to inform the world that we “CAN’T DANCE.” That would have saved ourselves a lot of embarrassment — and other people a lot of horrifying mental images.

Now it’s time for your own big decision: Which of the shirts would you wear? Are you proud of your “BAD ATTITUDE” or your “FOUR EYES”? Are you — much like Santana (Naya Rivera) — a straight-up “BITCH”? Don’t be shy! We’re all friends here.

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