Time Magazine has released their annual list of the 100 most influential people in public life around the world, and 20-year-old Glee star Chris Colfer (Kurt) made the cut.

Credit: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images Photo: Ashley Fink, Chris Colfer, and Amber Riley in the 2011 Golden Globes Portrait Studio

Co-star Dianna Agron (Quinn) got the honors of writing about Chris for the magazine, and she does so with her usual aplomb. “Our cast is blessed to hear things like, ‘Your character has helped me through this, or helped me do that,’ but none more so than Chris. To witness the power he gives to his audience firsthand? It's wonderful.”

As for Chris, he says the most influential people to him are the crew of Glee. “They work just as hard as we do, and often don’t get the praise that we do. They do it because it’s what they love to do.” But he adds that his true inspiration comes from the show’s many fans.