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Glee’s cast has gone from McKinley to the White House not too shabby!

Glee stars Darren Criss (Blaine) and Amber Riley (Mercedes) performed for the Obama family and plenty of other distinguished guests at the Inaugural Ball on January 21. Congrats, you two!

Darren performed “When You Wish Upon a Star” from the piano, and he introduced it by saying, “I’m gonna take it down a notch, so now’s a good time to go to the bathroom.” We love how self-deprecating he is!

Darren also couldn’t help but get a bit sentimental when introducing the Disney tune. “This song is about dreams coming true that’s kind of cheesy, but I think for all of us, that’s kind of what happened,” he told the crowd. Frankly, we don’t think anything Darren does could ever be considered cheesy, but that’s just us.

Then, Amber came onstage and blew everyone away with her rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” As the song was beginning, Amber said, “This is a dream come true.”

Amber also tweeted that Michelle Obama told her, “Keep making us proud, Amber.” How cool is that?!

Meanwhile, Darren expressed how much things have changed for him since Obama’s first inauguration with this hilarious tweet on January 21:

Darren and Amber also performed with Naya Rivera (Santana) at the Kids Inaugural Concert 2013 on January 19. Wow — two different inaugural events in three days? No pressure or anything!

Source: YouTube, Twitter