Glee star Dianna Agron (Quinn) is proving that she looks amazing with any hair color.

The typically blonde actress posed for a pic with two friends — including The Hard Times of RJ Berger star Paul Iacono — and is now a redhad.

In the pic on Instagram, the three of them are in someone’s house, and Paul is wearing what appears to be some sort of leopard-print top. Well done, sir.

As to be expected, Dianna is as radiant as ever. And we love Dianna’s huge smile in the pic! Seeing her never fails to cheer us up.


Dianna has of course turned heads with her hair changes in the past, most notably when she was sporting a pink punk ‘do for Season 3 of Glee. But this new hue is much easier to adjust to than that one was.


So do you prefer Dianna as a blonde or a redhead? We’re surprised by how much we like seeing her with the dark locks, even though we’ll probably always prefer her as a blonde.


We’re now wondering if she’s changed her hair for an acting role, or if this new look was just for fun. And might we see her on Glee with darker hair — or will she lighten up for her next appearance on the show? We can’t wait to find out.


Source: Instagram