After jetting back to the US for barely a week to film scenes as Quinn Fabray for Glee’s Season 4, Episode 7 Thanksgiving show, “Dynamic Duets,” actress Dianna Agron is now back in France filming her final scenes for the new Robert De Niro movie, Malavita.

On October 24, Dianna tweeted a photo of herself hugging an elderly co-star — and one who just so happens to be made of plastic, at that!

Just found a nice man in France. On set. Lucky duck. Although, he needs a little work....” she wrote. We’re not sure how this elderly mannequin fits into the plot, but we certainly hope he;’s not supposed to be the dead body of one of the people Dianna’s mob family, well... disposes of in the upcoming crime flick.

Happy Halloween, Dianna! Oh, and can we have a hug, two?

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