Credit: Michael Freeby

Grant Gustin and his hipster glasses are coming to a theater near you! Grant is best known for playing Sebastian on Glee, and his good looks and charm (oh, and acting skill) have helped nab him the title role in Affluenza — not to be confused with his other recent movie role: the Lifetime flick, A Mother's Nightmare.

Affluenza is a "modern day take on The Great Gatsby," and Grant plays Todd Goodman, a preppy blue blood. Unfortunately his wealthy parents fall victim to 2008's financial crisis and he's faced with a startling world where people don't pop their collars, and boat shoes aren't socially acceptable. Shocking, we know.  

Affluenza is directed by Kevin Asch, with a screenplay by Antonia Macia. Production starts next week in-and-around New York City and Long Island.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter