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The guys of New Directions will be going shirtless to shoot a sexy calendar in Glee Season 4, Episode 12: “Naked,” and it sounds like it brought the men closer together.

“I think that we help each other out so much on those days where we have to be shirtless,” Jacob Artist (Jake) tells AfterElton. “It’s like ‘Okay, drop 25 push ups,’ and everybody will get down and just start doing it. Those were some fun days on set, for sure.”

“Had that been my first scene when I started the show, I probably would’ve been hyperventilating and panicking,” Jacob admits. “But [my co-stars are] all so great and it’s such a great environment that it makes it so much easier and fun.”

Blake Jenner (Ryder) was also a bit uneasy about disrobing for the episode. “It was my first real shirtless scene for an actual prime time show, so I was nervous, but then we got into it and it was all fun,” Blake says. 

One guy who is certainly used to losing his shirt on Glee is Chord Overstreet (Sam). In fact, Jacob says Chord would act like the group’s “fitness guru.” Jacob says Chord would tell them, “‘Okay, guys, we have a shirtless scene tomorrow, next week. Let’s go to the gym.’ He is our fitness leader!”

Based on the photos we’ve seen from the episode, it’s safe to say all that hard work has paid off — and then some.

Source: AfterElton