Credit: FOX/Getty Images

Lea Michele (Rachel) recently performed X Factor judge Demi Lovato’s song, "Give Your Heart a Break," on Glee. Now, in addition to having that X Factor connection on Glee — a bit of Glee is coming to X Factor.

On November 8, Lea revealed that she will be attending the live taping of that night’s show.

Lea and Demi are quickly becoming two of each other’s biggest fans. They gush about each other on Twitter, and Demi recently even offered Lea some words of advice and encouragement as the Glee star prepared to record her debut album.

It’s no surprise then, that Lea was quick to tweet about Demi, too.

And for any grammar Nazis out there, Lea did catch and correct the mistake she made in her first tweet.

Can we just blame autocorrect? It’s always autocorrect’s fault.

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