Nothing says love quite like... naming a farm animal after someone?

Glee’s Lea Michele (Rachel) brought her best friend — and former Spring Awakening co-starJonathan Groff (Jesse St. James) with her to Jimmy Kimmel Live on September 10, and the actress made a point to tell everyone that Jonathan and his family have named one of their goats after her.

So what is Lea Michele the goat like, anyway? “She just had twins, and apparently she’s pregnant again,” Lea (the human) shared.

Jimmy seemed impressed. “Oh wow. Lea Michele gets around, doesn’t she?”

Yes. Lea Michele gets around. And she likes to eat garbage. Thanks for that, J. Groff.

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube Photo: Watch: Lea Michele Wears a Tight Nude Mini Dress on Jimmy Kimmel Live — September 10, 2012 (VIDEO)

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