Credit: Lindsay Pearce on Twitter

When we last saw The Glee Project’s Lindsay Pearce, she was bouncing across the Sectionals stage as Glee’s quirky-yet-determined Harmony. Now, Lindsay is about to debut in a new role — following in the footsteps of her co-star, Lea Michele (Rachel) — by playing the lead in the sexually charged stage show, Spring Awakening.

As Wendla, the role Lea played on Broadway, Lindsay heads up the Los Angeles production of the musical, which follows the sexual experiences of a group of teenagers in 19th century Germany — and she couldn’t be happier that the play boasts a Glee connection.

“To play the part that she originated is a pretty big deal for me. It just makes me laugh. It’s really cool,” Lindsay told Wetpaint Entertainment, adding that she’s always been a huge fan of the risque musical — and of Lea. “When I [first] saw Glee, I was like, ‘oh, my God, Lea,’ because I knew her from Spring Awakening and thought that she was amazing.”

After being cast as Rachel Berry’s worst nightmare on Glee, it’s almost an amusing coincidence.

“The last thing that Rachel wants to deal with is Harmony because Harmony’s insane,” she noted. “And she’s cocky and kind of annoying, and Rachel doesn’t want to be around that kind of thing. So it’s just really funny that I’m now jumping into this beautiful show and into this beautiful character that she made beautiful. It’s kind of an interesting circle of life kind of moment, I guess.”

Fans should be prepared to see Lindsay as they never have on Glee — in nude scenes. “There’s a lot of explicit content” in the play, she says. “I rarely believe in exposing yourself for film or television or shows. But in this show, it’s important. It’s part of the story. [Otherwise], you’re not going to get that loss of innocence. [Today] we learn from a very young age what sex is, and what it isn’t. On movies and television, we know what people’s bodies look like. It’s no secret. But [back] then, it was. They didn’t know what each other looked like without clothing on.”

Apparently the musical is so jaw-dropping that her number one fan — her mother — might only be able to handle seeing it twice. “She’s bringing my birth mom to come see it later in April,” says the actress, who is adopted.

Credit: Lindsay Pearce on Twitter

However, Lindsay admits that Spring Awakening might be harder for her father. “My poor dad,” she sighs. “My mom is seeing it without my dad…so she can break him in to what he’s actually going to see. They both really have no idea. I think any father who’s had a daughter play Wendla is not so much like, ‘Oh, there’s my kid!’ It’s like, ‘There’s my kid, her shirt’s coming off. There’s a guy on top of her, and I’m watching it.’”

“My dad will probably just cover his face and be looking down at his shoes. He’s going to need like a blizzard from Dairy Queen afterwards: ‘Let’s go get some ice cream. That scene was awful.’ [But] he’s going to love the music!”

Spring Awakening opens at the Theatre of Arts Arena Stage in Hollywood on March 16. Tickets can be bought at

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