Winter is definitely over judging by Glee star Naya Rivera’s (Santana) recent attire, that is.

Santana might still need to bundle up in NYC for the next month or two, but Naya appears to be loving the L.A. sun.

The actress showed off her amazing physique in a sexy bikini selfie that she shared on Twitter on March 30.

“Treat yo self,” she wrote as the caption to the photo.

We love the playful fringe on the bikini
not to mention the fact that Naya is shielding her face from the sun with none other than a Glee baseball cap. Feel the Glee pride!

Now we’re just not sure which is hotter: This bikini shot of Naya, or the
photo of her in a Santa hat and red bow and not much else back in December. At least her amount of clothing in this most recent pic is somewhat seasonally appropriate.

And we continue to be extra-curious as to what will be in store for Santana’s love life in NYC for the remainder of the season. With a body like that, we can’t imagine Santana will stay single in the Big Apple for long.

Indeed, in a city of 8 million people, we’re sure there must be one sexy lady out there who meets Santana’s standards
at least, until she and Brittany inevitably patch things up, of course.