Credit: Lindsay Pearce on Twitter Photo: Lindsay Pearce and Samuel Larsen Hug on September 15, 2011

It's no shock that with all the surprise slapping and intense choreography going down over on the Glee set, the cast members suffer an injury or two every once in awhile (check out a few of the worst ones here). But it looks like the Season 3’s newest cast members are definitely getting hit the hardest lately.

Grant Gustin (Sebastian) tweeted a couple photos of his "gimp wrist" in a brace from set (though it’s unclear whether the injury happened while on set) this week:

Credit: via Grant Gustin's Twitter Photo: Grant Gustin Tweets a Pic of His Injured Wrist

Aww, poor guy! How's he gonna execute the signature Warbler step-touch-and-snap with a war wound?! Luckily, he handled a couple of days of shooting like a champ, in spite of his gimpy appendage.

Slightly less dramatic (but somehow, more dramatized) was The Glee Project runner-up Lindsay Pearce's knee wound, which was fixed up with a band-aid and some flesh colored fish-nets: 

Credit: via Lindsay Pearce's Twitter Photo: Lindsay Pearce Tweets Her Injured Knee From the Glee Set

She hadn't even gotten to the dancing yet! But, ever-charming Lindsay took it in stride and curtsied for the crowd after picking herself back up. Atta girl!

Apparently she fell down before shooting her Glee character Harmony's Sectionals number in front of the whole audience. That’s a blow to the knee and ego.

We hope Alex "fat kids don't do floorwork" Newell doesn't fall prey to the newbie injury curse when his Glee Project prize arc is up later this season.

Source: Twitter, Twitter


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