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Glee is just about to enter it’s fourth season, which means that Rachel (Lea Michele) and Co. will soon have been on our TV screens for four years.

Rachel may have started off as a wide-eyed high school sophomore, but she’s now about to enter her freshman year of college — and in New York City, no less! Plenty of things about her have changed over the years, but the core of her cute, schoolgirl look has remained the same.

Now, we’re taking a moment to look back at each of Rachel’s class portraits so far. Take a peek, then head below to cast your vote. Which of the photos do you like best?

Rachel Berry in Glee Season 1

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Glee Season: 1
Grade: Sophomore in high school

Plaid skirt. Cute cardigan. Minimal makeup. This look is just classic Rachel. She’s even carrying a giant, sparkling gold star. How much more quintessential Rachel Berry can you get?

Rachel Berry in Glee Season 2

Glee Season: 2
Grade: Junior in high school

Rachel’s grown out her bangs for this new photo, but the rest of her look seems pretty much unchanged. Preppy skirt? Check. Classic cardigan? Check. Cute, frilly shirt? You bet. Her Kids “R” Us rewards card must’ve gotten put to very good use!

Rachel Berry in Glee Season 3

Glee Season: 3
Grade: Senior in high school

During her senior year of high school, Rachel’s style grew and matured a little, but still remained classically cute, colorful, and kitschy. Plus, we love her new gold-plated microphone. Only the best for McKinley’s (self-proclaimed?) brightest star.

Rachel Berry in Glee Season 4

Glee Season: 4
Grade: Freshman in college

With the brand new addition of that Sex and the City-style necklace, Rachel’s style has already started to change now that she’s starting her freshman year at NYADA in New York City. That said, most of the look is still cute and classic Rachel Berry. Don’t expect it to stay that way for long, though. Come Episode 3, Rachel will be getting a total style makeover — compliments of Kurt (Chris Colfer) and his new fashion internship at Vogue!

You’ve seen all four class portraits now it’s time for you to sound off. Which of Rachel’s four photos is your favorite?

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