Just because Klaine, Brittana, and Finchel all broke up during Glee’s Season 4, Episode 4: “The Break-Up”  — yes, Klaine’s breakup will soon be official, too — that doesn’t mean all three couples have bitten the dust forever.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Glee mastermind Ryan Murphy at the THR Design Hollywood at The Century Opening Night on October 24, and he told exclusively us that some of the breakups will be permanent, but not all of them.

The Glee creator didn’t reveal which of the couples would be getting back together, but he did offer some other juicy bits of relationship scoop. Take Blaine’s (Darren Criss) mystery man, Eli. Will we ever get to meet him face-to-face? And if so, how long will he be sticking around? Here’s what we found out...

Why do you think fans reacted so strongly to the recent Klaine breakup?
I don’t know why, I suppose because people love those actors and they project their lives onto those romances and in many ways that relationship is a fantasy relationship for many people.     

Will Kurt and Blaine continue to interact, what can we expect from them for the rest of the season?
Yeah all those couples will of course.

You said on Twitter that we’re going to see what Blaine’s mystery man, Eli looks like. Does that mean we’ll get to meet him, or will we just see a picture?
A scene. Yes you meet him.

I think you meet him in Episode 6.

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