Word on the street is that blondes have more fun, and Santana (Naya Rivera) is about to get some first-hand experience as Glee's newest blondie-locks! Okay, okay, so this gal didn't dye her locks of love straight-up platinum, but she did add a few golden highlights to her dark brown tresses! Two words: bombshell alert.

"Santana's got a new do!" Naya Rivera posted to Instagram on April 22. "Highlights compliments of @goodformsalon papa @clydehairgod held my hand the whole time!"

OM-Glee, Naya looks fantastic! No word yet as to why girlfriend had to dye her hair for her role as McKinley High's snarkiest former Cheerio, but we're thinking it might have something to do with Santana return home for Regionals — aka Glee's Season 4 finale — Episode 22: "All Or Nothing." After all, nothing says "did you miss me?" like a makeover, right guys?

"It's regionals time here at Glee!" Naya tweeted on the same day she got highlights. "Early morning but a lot to look forward to."

What do you think of Santana's bold new look? Is it just us, or is girlfriend slowly morphing into Brittany (Heather Morris)? We blame Lord Tubbington and his sinister super powers.

Source: Twitter / Instagram