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It was just this morning we learned that Glee is planning a complete Whitney Houston tribute for Season 3, Episode 17, and details are already beginning to emerge about what we can expect!

We know the episode will feature eight different Whitney songs, and Lea Michele (Rachel) just spilled which duo will be singing one of them. On March 9, Lea tweeted, “First up hallway scene w/ Santana & Rachel, then dance rehearsal & pre-record for what's going be the most epic Santana & Rachel duet ever!!”

Credit: Glee on Facebook Photo: That Would Be Naya!

So Rachel and Santana (Naya Rivera) will duet for one of the eight Whitney songs. With their powerful vocals, we already know it’s going to be amazing. And we’re sure that Mercedes (Amber Riley) will get a solo or two, as well. She did so well with a Whitney song the last time!

Which famous Whitney Houston songs do you hope Glee will cover during their tribute episode? Hit the comments and let us know!

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