Credit: Neil Haskell on Twitter Photo: Grant Gustin and Pal Neil Haskell on a Roadtrip on January 2, 2012

Let’s face it: Glee’s latest ne’er-do-well Sebastian Smythe (Grant Gustin) would be a whooole lot easier to dislike if his real-life counterpart weren’t a totally sweet and adorable dude!

When he’s not on-set terrorizing our favorite couple at McKinley High, Grant is busy on Twitter, posting pics of his various goings-on — and the results are just so charming!

While the rest of the cast headed back to L.A. last week returning to filming for the upcoming Michael Jackson-themed ep, Grant looked to still be in San Francisco, after his trek there to spend New Year’s with pals. (Perhaps Sebastian’s scenes for the ep were done when Darren Criss was still available?)

Credit: Grant Gustin on Twitter Photo: Grant Gustin by the San Francisco in January 2012

The result: New pics! The first shows a smiley Grant in front of the Golden Gate Bridge (classic!), the other mid-road trip with a friend. Awww!

Now, if he could just stop trying to ruin our lives with all this Blaine-hurting business...

Source: Grant Gustin’s Twitter

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