With only the Glee series regulars confirmed to return for Season 4, guest star Grant Gustin’s (Sebastian) fate is still very much up in the air.

However, Grant’s not just sitting around at home in twiddling his thumbs, he’s busy jetting off outside the US to star in a new film.

As reported earlier, Grant has scored the leading role in the upcoming Lifetime movie, A Mother’s Nightmare. He’s working with 90210 star Jessica Lowndes (Adrianna), who will play his seductive and conniving girlfriend, and Pretty Little Liars’ Annabeth Gish (Dr. Sullivan), who plays his mom.

Grant arrived in Canada on May 23 for filming, and quickly tweeted a picture of his gorgeous British Columbia surroundings. Yet after such a long day of travel, Grant was feeling a bit tired — and he tweeted a photo of himself showing as much.

(Sidenote: Finally, more quirky closeup photos of Grant’s face! He used to tweet them like every day. Where have they been lately? We kind of miss that...)

Credit: Grant Gustin on Twitter

By day two in Canada, Grant seemed to be settling into his new routine quite nicely. He posted a cute Instagram photo of himself relaxing with a glass of wine.

One thing, though: The lighting’s kind of off — so it’s a bit hard to tell — but is he not wearing a shirt in this pic? Oh, Grant... Again?

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