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Swooping onto the set of Glee in a blaze of horse teeth and perfectly coiffed hair, Grant Gustin (Sebastian) may seem to be the perfect villain — but his sharp tongue as the devilish Warbler charm have totally won us over.

And while we're seeing his softer side as Dave Karofsky's (Max Adler) harrowing suicide attempt makes its impact across Lima, Ohio, Grant told TV Guide not to assume Sebastian will be sweet and innocent from now on.

“Actually, the first thing I obviously thought to channel was the energy that Jane Lynch brings to Sue Sylvester,” Grant told TV Guide. "We've seen [Sue's] softer side, and she does both mean and soft in this incredibly honest way. So I tried to do that. I tried to think, OK, this guy believes everything he's saying, and maybe he's doing it for insecure reasons or maybe he's just that confident. I just tried to be honest about it."

As for his sobering response to Karofsky's slip off the edge? Grant offers, "I don't know if the snarkiness is gone now or if he's a nice guy, but seeing a different side of him is exciting."

Unfortunately, there’s no indication yet if Sebastian really will become more than a Klaine-destroying super villain, but Grant says he's excited to see what's in store for him if he does, in fact, come back next season. There’s an option to pick him up as a series regular, but nothing’s been decided yet.

Credit: via Grant Gustin's Twitter

He humbly concedes, "The fact that it's last-minute, you just have to understand and respect it. It's been crazy, though. I was in Virginia visiting my family when I found out I was gonna be in the 'Michael' episode, and they asked if I could be in the studio the next day. I said, 'Sure!' and got on a red eye that night. It's just the way it is, and you kind of roll with it because it's an amazing experience."

We've fallen in love with Sebastian's one-liners and his yummy musical theater vocals, so we, for one, sincerely hope he pulls a Blaine (Darren Criss) and transfers to McKinley for good!

Source: TV Guide

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