Credit: via Grant Gustin's Twitter

Whether or not Sebastian will return to Glee for Season 4 is still up in the air, but fans will still get multiple opportunities to see actor Grant Gustin on the big and small screens.

The 22-year-old old actor stars in the upcoming Lifetime movie, A Mother’s Nightmare, and he’s heading off to NYC to start filming an indie flick called Affluenza on July 18.

The Insider has a first-look clip of Grant in his upcoming Lifetime movie, and we have to say: This is Grant Gustin like we’ve never seen him before.

While Sebastian the Warbler is perhaps one of the biggest tools on primetime television — confident and charming, to be sure, but also kind of a jerk — Grant’s newest character is about the furthest thing from Sebastian possible.

Sweet, timid, and with just the right amount of social awkwardness to make him totally endearing, Chris Stewart is the anti-Sebastian in every way. Watch the clip, then let us know: Which sort of character do you like seeing Grant portray the most?

Credit: The Insider Photo: Spoiler Clip: Grant Gustin Kisses Jessica Lowndes in His New Movie, A Mother’s Nightmare (VIDEO)

Source: The Insider

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