Credit: Adam Rose/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Gwyneth Paltrow Performs "Umbrella" on Season 2, Episode 7, "The Substitute"
That rumored Gwyneth Paltrow (Holly Holliday) record deal we mentioned last week might be coming sooner rather than later. Reports are surfacing that she might be taking her Glee and Country Strong success straight into the recording studio.
"Gwyneth's agents have been talking to a number of labels about landing her a substantial record deal,” reports a source to Page Six. “Those who have heard the music say it's country pop. Many labels would be reluctant to give a deal to a star whose first priority is film, but in recent weeks there have been discussions with Atlantic. Gwyneth is a very different name for Atlantic, and one who brings a lot of recognition."

Sounds good to us! By this time next year, maybe she will be singing one of her own songs on Glee.

Source: New York Post