Today, April 30, Glee’s Dianna Agron (Quinn) turns 26 years old. It would be hard to even imagine Glee without her, and hard to imagine a sweeter girl in real life, either! It’s pretty hard to settle on just ten reasons why we absolutely love Dianna... but we did our best. Here are the top 10 reasons we can’t get enough of the beautiful, creative, and free-spirited Glee star.

1. She threw an amazing birthday party over the weekend centered around a fun circus theme. And her outfit for the occasion? Gorgeous.

2. Dianna has a killer voice, and we’ve been getting the chance to hear more and more of it on Glee lately!

3. Her personal style is dreamy and whimsical — straight out of a fairy tale. Oh, and she  recently jetted over to Paris for Louis Vuitton’s Fashion Week show. No big deal.

Credit: Abby Cameron on Twitter

4. She and singer Taylor Swift are total besties in real life. So cute

5. Dianna's not just a TV star; she's got multiple movies under her belt, too.

6. Dianna’s a fashion goddess, and she’s not afraid to mix things up, either! Whether elegant and feminine or edgy and bold, she always knows how to make a statement on the red carpet. 

7. Her creative and quirky, is an art-lover's paradise.

8. She’s generous and caring. Dianna loves to give back for a good cause

9. Has the most adorable pet French bulldog, Arthur

10. She's super close with her Glee co-stars in real life, too. It sounds like they have a blast together, on- and off-set!

Happy Birthday, Dianna. Hope  your big 2-6 is the best that it can be!

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