Credit: Naya Rivera on Twitter Photo: Brittany and Santana Share a Moment in Glee's Season 3, Episode 13 Valentine's Day Ep

Well, have they or haven’t they?

There’s a fair amount of debate among Glee fans as to whether or not Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) have actually kissed on screen. Look, we know they’ve hooked up. [See Glee Season 1, Episode 13: “Sex is not dating.” “Yeah, if it was, Santana and I would be dating.”]

But while Finchel kisses are a dime a dozen, and even Klaine gets to lock lips on screen — have we ever officially seen Brittana get their mack on?

The biggest debate lies around the infamous lady kisses scene in Glee Season 2, Episode 4, “Duets.” Brittana get their cuddle on in a BIG way, and Santana even kisses Brittany’s neck. But do their lips actually lock? Nope.

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Credit: Dailymotion Photo: Watch: Brittany and Santana's Sexy Bedroom Cuddle Scene in Glee Season 2! Sweet Lady Kisses [VIDEO]

So what do you think? Does the bedroom scene count as a legit Brittana kiss, or is neck-nuzzling a total cop-out?