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Just in case you had any doubt that Glee’s Heather Morris (Brittany) is pregnant, there now appears to be photographic proof.

Us Weekly’s report that Heather is three months pregnant rocked the Glee fandom last week. Still, no one from Heather’s camp has confirmed the report, and not a single one of her co-stars have acknowledged it on Twitter, either.

Credit: Splash News

That said, photos don’t lie (though they have been known to deceive). On April 6, a photographer caught up with Heather while the 26-year-old actress was out for a run with her pit bull in a Los Angeles neighborhood. Dressed in red sweatpants, a midriff-baring yellow shirt, and wearing no makeup, the Glee actress certainly looks pregnant.

Despite her thin frame, Heather looks to be sporting a bit more tummy than usual. Her lower stomach is rounding out quite noticeably, and it's very likely that this is more than just a case of a slouching posture or too many tacos. In our opinions, Heather is either knocked up with a human baby or one hell of a food baby.

Reports of her pregnancy assert that she is three months along, so her bump would still be relatively tiny — kinda like this one! The Glee star is almost certainly incubating a little Cheerio in there!

If Heather is indeed pregnant, this would be her first child. She and the baby’s father, Taylor Hubbell, are high school sweethearts, and Heather has been vocal in the past about wanting to marry him and start a family. Their little bundle of joy would be due sometime around October 2013.

No word yet what effect pregnancy would have on Heather’s Glee role. It could be written into the storyline or Brittany might just disappear from the show for a few months. It’s also possible that she will be written off the show entirely, but we’re seriously hoping that doesn’t actually happen. Brit is by far one of the funniest characters on Glee, and we’d find it pretty difficult to even imagine the show without her.

Source: Splash News