Credit: Nate Beckett/Splash News Photo: Heather Morris and Taylor Hubbell at the Premiere of Glee The 3D Concert Movie in Los Angeles on August 6, 2011

Sorry, guys! Not only is super goofy, totally sexy, and all-around adorable Glee star Heather Morris (Brittany) taken — but things between she and boyfriend Taylor Hubbell seem to be getting pretty serious!

Heather and her baseball player beau have been together for a while (see: these cute couple pics from last year), and now they’re ready to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together.

“He moves in tonight,” the Glee actress dished during the January 8, 2012, of The Late Show with David Letterman. “Moving in with you?” David clarified. “Moving in with me,” she responded.

Turns out Taylor just finished up with college, so we reckon he’s suddenly found himself in need of a new place to live. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to live with HeMo? The girl sounds like a blast to hang out with.

Plus, did you know she can FLY? Or at least, Heather can make it seem like she’s flying. The actress also showed David a super-goofy video she and a friend put together during their downtime on the Glee set.

Hmm … Fun with Heather Morris and iMovie? Hey, if she wanted to start a web series … we definitely wouldn’t complain.

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Heather Morris to David Letterman on January 8: My Boyfriend “Moves in Tonight” [VIDEO]