Credit: Steve Searle/ Photo: Heather Morris Enjoys a Night Out in Manchester, England on June 21, 2011

Glee star Heather Morris (Brittany) seems quite comfortable sharing sweet lady kisses with her on-screen love interest Naya Rivera (Santana) — not that Naya is a particularly unappealing smooching partner. Though she’s all about her boyfriend Taylor Hubbell these days  — she shares the story of how he asked her out...on MySpace!  —- Heather wasn’t shy about revealing her real-life girl-on-girl history in a recent interview for Seventeen (via MTV).

"Yeah. Mostly for guys’ attention when I was in high school," she said of macking and lip-smacking on the occasional dame. "One time I did it when I was curious with a friend. But she wasn’t my best friend."

And really, who didn't appreciate a little light lesbionic lip-lock in her adolescence? Whether for "practice kissing," or in that weird, crazy-close BFF relationship that occasionally resulted in non-platonic smooch after a meal shared at The Olive Garden...oh, wait, was that just us?

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Source: MTV

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