The newest episode of Glee did not disappoint, especially with so much drunken craziness! If we could, we'd totally give the Glee writers a hug because they were so on point. Here are our picks for the top 10 quotes from Season 2, Episode 14: “Blame It on the Alcohol.” And don’t forget to check our honorable mentions section to see if YOUR favorite quote made the list!

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Will Schuester and Coach Beiste in Season 2, Episode 14: "Blame It On the Alcohol"

10. We’d hate to hear the birds that sound like that
Santana: I’ve been dry-heaving all weekend. When my mother asked what the sound was, I said that I was practicing bird calls.

9. Rachel runs a tight ship
Rachel: Brittany, remember the rules: No sitting on anything!

8. Now we sorta want to know what was on there!
Finn: Kurt’s been blackmailing me ever since he saw my browser history.

7. Sue explains the job market
Sue: News flash, Imelda: There’s no one lining up to coach glee clubs because it’s a sucky job for losers.

6. It’s all making sense for Finn now
Rachel: It’s alcohol awareness week and we’re supposed to sing songs about the dangers of drinking, and I’ve never even had a drink.
Finn: Wait — seriously? That’s why I never got past second base.

5. Brittany gets easily offended
Quinn: There’s a fair amount of the pot calling the kettle black right now.
Brittany (to Mercedes): That is so racist.

4. In Kurt’s eyes, Blaine has hit a new low
Kurt: You spent the entire evening sucking Rachel Berry’s face. That, sir, is what we call rock-bottom.

3. It’s not a party without Four Loko
Santana (to Will): Oh, you’re one to talk. How about you crack a Four Loko, Count Boozy Von Drunk-a-Ton?

2. Artie’s done with being the messenger
Mercedes: Tell them I’ll go if they go.
Artie: Tell ‘em yourself! I ain’t no Pony Express.

1. Santana has a strange way of showing she cares
Santana: You know what? A reminder. I owns that guppy mouth. Those trouty Aerosmith lips belong to me. [Sam and Brittany kiss.] You know what this is not? Hey, honies? It’s not a Big Red commercial. No me gusta.

Honorable Mentions (Via Wetpaint’s Glee Facebook page. Not a fan? Go “Like” us already!)

Sue: Two days ago I received a drunk dial from a horny Will Schuester. (Thanks Natalie Feldman!)

Rachel to Blaine: Your face tastes awesome. (Thanks to Brooke Thomas and Erika Hamel!)

Rachel: I just had a relationship with someone who turned out to be gay. That is song writing gold! (Thanks Katrina Stephenson!)