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Our minds are so swirly right now, we feel like Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) head in Season 1 (too soon?). At the end of Episode 14: “I Do,” the Glee students sing “Anything Could Happen,” and celebrate their lightness of hearts, while Rachel (Lea Michele) fears that something unwanted might happen to her. She sits next to a timer, counting down the moments until she finds out if she might be pregnant.

All fears of what will happen to her future plans aside, we have one big question: if Rachel is pregnant, who’s the father? While back at McKinley for the Wemma wedding that wasn’t (say that five times fast), Rachel and Finn (Cory Monteith) revisited their romance — in bed! So is he the father?

Well, not so fast. We’re not sure how much time has passed when Rachel takes the test, but we’re assuming that it’s right when she returns to New York City. So, why would she think that she was pregnant if she had only had sex a day or two before? Brody (Dean Geyer) mentions that he’s “still worn out” from the night before she left for Ohio, meaning they had quite the romp in the sack. So is it Brody?

Tell us your deepest, darkest thoughts about the whole shebang and we’ll pick our favorite conspiracy theory.

Credit: TelevisionPromos on YouTube Photo: Promo for Glee Season 4, Episode 15: “Girls (And Boys) On Film” — Is Rachel Pregnant? (VIDEO)