Credit: Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TCA Photo: Katy Perry Gets Touchy-Feely Onstage at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards

With a bunch of 20-somethings touring the nation, you would expect the Glee Live tour to be a riot of partying 24/7. But that’s not even close to the case, says star Kevin McHale (Artie). So what exactly are they doing in their downtime?

“Sleeping!” he tells Parade. “We’re pretty much in a new city every day. The downtime is the traveling and everyone is listening to music and talking. As boring as it sounds, we’re not rock stars trashing rooms or anything like that.”

Speaking of raucous parties... did you catch Kevin’s cameo in Katy Perry’s star-studded “Last Friday Night” vid? He was cast as the pop star’s nerdy love interest — an opportunity he called “fun” and “a real honor,” despite his hesitation to fake-fight the mini-movie’s (hot) antagonist.

“[I]t was a little embarrassing trying to punch somebody because I’ve never done that in my life,” says Kevin. “But... I think the whole idea of the video is great.”

(Re)watch the hilarious vid below!

Credit: Photo: Awesome Alert! Watch Kevin McHale and Darren Criss in Katy Perry's New Music Vid, "Last Friday Night"

Source: Parade

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