Credit: FoxFlash

When Will (Matthew Morrison) asked Finn (Cory Monteith) to take over the glee club for him while he skipped off to D.C. to lobby for arts education, the arrangement was only supposed to be temporary.

However, TVLine recently revealed that Finn will get “a little too comfortable” in his new role as glee club director, and there “may be a little competition” between the two when Will comes back.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Matthew Morrison at the premiere of Certainty on November 27, and he told us that he’s still not sure when Will is coming back from D.C. — or if he’s ever coming back for good.

In which episode does Schue get back from Washington?
To be determined, I'm not sure. I'm still enjoying some time off.

Is Schue back from D.C. for good after this, or is his future still uncertain?
Obviously, I have no idea. If I don't know when I'm coming back, I don't know if he's coming back for good. I don't know.

Are Will and Emma (Jayma Maysstill planning that Valentine’s Day wedding?  What can you tease about that?
I think they're planning it, yeah. No, I don't know anything about it, I swear.

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